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Diagnostic Checks

Leicester Diagnostic Checks

Great price on our car diagnostic check! For only £25 you can have a diagnostic check on your car. Making it a very affordable Leicester diagnostic check.

We guarantee a great price on diagnostic checks! Repairing car problems can be diagnosed first using the latest diagnostic equipment. All car makes and models can use our diagnostic check which can record any car problems. Diagnostic checks can aid many problems with the ECU being a common area that can benefit by the code reading of a diagnostic check.

Call today to book your Leicester diagnostic check.

Our Leicester Diagnostic check includes:
  • Spark plugs
  • Coll pack
  • Camshaft
  • Timing belt
  • Engine management
  • Throttle
  • Pedal Throttle position sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Mass air sensor unit
  • Cam sensor
  • Crank sensor
  • Lamber sensor
  • Code read
  • Automatic transmission code
  • ABS
  • Airbag system codes
  • SRS
  • SIR
  • Alarm codes
  • Body system codes
  • Comm switch
  • Electric power steering
  • Air bag system
  • Instrument panel
  • Electric park brake
  • Distributor cap
*Our diagnostic check is only available at our Leicester branch.