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Electric & Heating Repairs

Car Electric Problems & Heating

*FREE battery check!
This Free check covers the voltage check and charging check. Cold weather can drain your battery quicker if it's in poor condition.

We guarantee to keep you moving & warm this winter!
Cold starts are the most common car electric problem during the cold winter months.Take advantage or our FREE battery check. More common faults are alternator problems, we offer an electronic diagnostic service. And can either repair or replace faulty electrical car parts.

Call today to get your car electrics in check. Our Leicester Diagnostic check includes:
  • Indicator stalk fitting
  • Interior switches
  • Speakers fitted
  • Alternator repairs
  • Starter motor repair
  • Car Battery Leicester
  • Ecu repairs
  • Car Horn problems
  • Car Earth errors
  • Car Relays fuses problems
  • Car Alarms fitted repaired
  • Car CD changer fitting
  • Car Radio Fitting
  • Distributor cap repair
  • Car Bulbs fitted
Car Heating Repairs include
  • Car Heating
  • Radiator
  • Thermostat
  • Water pump
  • Washer bottle
  • Washer pump
  • Washer jets
  • Water pipes
  • Inter cooler
  • Coolant loss - die test
  • Pressure exhaust gasses
*Our Free battery check is only available at our Leicester garage.