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Hot Rods

We do it differently

We like to do thing a little differently and to stand out from the crowd you have to push the boundaries to see what's possible.

We like our vehicles to really handle, that means safety is our number one priority. The vehicle has to steer and stop perfectly, now our vehicles can be QUICK and there is no question about that gives driver full confidence in the build and handling of our astonishing vehicles! Along with outstanding performance and very well handling of vehicles, bigger engine, bigger gearbox, axle that can take the power, upgrade the brakes to stop you in track, some people like to have the roof chopped or rear door welded up, some different body lines or body styles

Some go for the bright colours and some keep it neat. No matter what your requirement, get in touch with us and see what we can do for you!

In the meantime, see our handy work below: